Electric Zebra

Electric Zebra is a rock band from the Gold Coast. Since their first show in 2014, the band has toured relentlessly, playing support to Screamfeeder, Horror My Friend, and Walken just to name a few.

"A combination of early 90s grunge and The Cure"
- AAA Backstage

Their 2016 debut EP, "Ambition", (produced by Konstantin Kersting of the Belligerents) earned them #51 in 4ZZZ's Hot 100, and now they're back with a new single.

"It's got the roar of the loudest grunge but they know when to pull it back, too. The songcraft is subtle and wryly humorous and it recalls some of the sunshine state's best"
- ToneDeaf (Chris Cobcroft, 4zzz)

Called "I Blink", the track was produced by Bryce Moorhead at the Shed recording studio in Brisbane, and the boys will be heading out on tour in support of the new track throughout June and July.

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